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An Afrikan-centred spiritual and cultural practitioner, a single father, an educator, organiser, author and musician. Born and grounded as a child in the crucible of the 70s movement for liberty and cultural activism, Kwende is committed to the betterment of Afrikan people the world over through the reclamation of the Afrikan Self. Based in Birmingham [UK], he is the founder and at the helm of the Universal Royal Afrikan Nation, and is also  at the helm of the cultural institution Yemanja .He is the author of a number of self-published texts including the forthright  book From Ajar to Omowale: The Spiritual & Garveyite Journey of Malcolm X. He has officiated a number of important spiritual ceremonies and is a committed advocate of Universal Royal Afrikan Spirituality in its mission and drive for Afrikan liberty and nationhood.

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Culture is central to Afrikan life and has been so since time immemorial. Great nations have been established from what can be described as nothing less than the 'highest culture'. However, in recent times, Afrikan history has had major interruptions such as mass displacement, enslavement and colonisation which sought to destroy cultural facets. This has led many to question  whether Afrikan people around the world have a culture or indeed a culture to celebrate.

What then is Kwanaa?

This account provides information on the background of Kwanzaa and highlights the depth and meaning of this vital Afrikan World Celebration.

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The essence of this publication is to highlight Garveyism not simply as the powerful impacting core of ideals at the heart of  the most progressive, expansive and mighty worldwide body for the  expression of Afrikan nationhood, which it certainly was – but as a total way of life that many attest to being a ‘religion’ itself. Further, it seeks to highlight that the Afrikan spirit of the supreme visionary Marcus Garvey was a natural divine inheritance from the most  ancient of times and this would later find expression in the all      pervasive articulation of the attainment and maintenance of Afrikan liberty steeped in Afrikan spirit – that is beautifully enshrined in his philosophy of Afrikan Fundamentalism.


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Surely the overwhelming majority of Afrikan people throughout the world today carry the spirit of liberty inherited from their Great Ancestors. There is no shortage of examples from the vast array of mighty ones that were not prepared to subject themselves to an 'existence' filled with the brutal imposition of death, destruction and oppression at the enslaving hands of foreign forces. The forthright spirit of Ajar had a number of great descendents. However, one of the descendants was destined to manifest that spirit of liberty in a magnanimous way....

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The wonderful spirit of Kwanzaa on the day of Nia blossomed in Leicester for the 50th anniversary of this excellent cultural restoration. Asante sana to the Black History Consortium team in Leicester for organising such a brilliant ingathering of and for the Afrikan community. 50  years is wonderful Afrikan achievement - Surely traction for all year round magnificence!!!

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Workshops continue throughout the year covering a variety of topic areas and with the success of the Marriage and Divorce workshop (detailed below) there is much learning empowerment to come.

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For clarity the ex-spouse is not a part of Yemanja nor a part of the Universal Royal Afrikan Nation nor Ku-Amka Productions

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(Please note that the Afrikan Liberation Love progamme on Universal Royal Afrikan Radio is currently not scheduled to transmit. During the break period, amongst other things a review for service improvement will be taking place. Please do watch out for information on the return date of this forthright, integrity-filled Afrikan-centred programme).




Kwende - The Early Years

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